July 31, 2018

Battlescarred Ibanez Les Paul (1970's)

This Ibanez was from a good friend of mine. When I met him it already had a cracked neck. After a few years it finally broke. He wanted to throw it away but I asked him if I could have it. After it had been laying around for some time I gave it away myself and last thing I heard was that it got a new neck and was being used again.

A few weeks ago my friend passed away. I got the idea to see if I could track down his old Ibanez. After contacting some people from the past, I found the email address of the guy I gave the guitar to. He only had the body (plus TOM bridge and tailpiece) and said he almost threw it away a few weeks earlier. And it was butchered. But I could get it back and at the moment I'm looking for parts and a plan to see if I can get it fully functional again.

Well, just look at the pictures....