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Bugera 6260 Infinium

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After using the Jet City for a while I wanted a 'bigger' amp. The Bugera 6260 Infinium is a 2.5 channel amp. One clean/crunch and one lead. The clean channel has a bright switch so it's a little more flexible than the Jet City, although not much.

Nice sounding amp with enough gain for everyting. The lead channel is a bit noisy. I use a Boss SuperOverdrive to push the front of the amp but I also use the overdrive from the pedal and a bit less on the amp itself. To my ears it sounds better that way. At least tighter.

Also a cheap amp, but it sounds great. It's been reliable since I got it (november 2014). Few gigs and every friday night during rehearsal.

Still, 120W.. it's a totally useless amount of power. Master volume is around 3 on both channels and in our rehearsal room, I really need earplugs... My next amp will be a 20W Blackstar HT20 Studio head.

Jet-City JCA22-h

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I bought this amplifier after reading some reviews and considering the price it seemed like a good choise. It replaced a Randall hybrid (RH? RG?) amp wich I hated with a because that amp sounded really bad. Although on bedroom volumes it was acceptable. Still that's not why you buy a 120W amplifier.

The Jet City is only 20 Watts. Among all the 100W heads that doesn't seem very much but it's a tube amp and to double the perceived volume you need ten times the Watts. Headroom may be an issue but after using a 5W head a few weeks during rehearsal, with a hard hitting drummer, I didn't really see any problems in using a 20W head.

This is the JCA22H. Split channel. And it's loud. Like a lot of amps it shares the eq section but I mainly use the overdrive channel with my band. Gain is around 6 (of 10), eq all the way up. That seemed to sound the best, although depending on the guitar I dail high or low a bit back. The presence knob is fairly low, around 2.

For the money a nice sounding amp and if you don't need too much clean headroom, it's loud enough for gigging on small venues.

Ibanez RG421 2014

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I had a RG321 before but I sold it. Regretted it and bought a new RG421. Fixed bridge RG.

I replaced the pickups with a SD sb-4 (Jeff Beck model) and a SH-2 neck pickup. Now it has one volume and a three way toggle switch. Great playing and sounding guitar now.

Schecter Omen 6 extreme custom

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Found this online cheap. It has EMG active pickups. I had a Schecter omen extreme before. Again one guitar I regret selling. But this one is just as good and although I do not prefer active pickups, it really sounds great when played through my Bugera tube head.

Dean VX custom 2015

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I wanted a pointy guitar. A "V". And the Dean is the most v-ish (is that a word?) out there.

The VX isn't the cheapest Dean but it's close. On arrival it played nice, the bridge pickup was reasonable and I couldn't really hear the neck pickup because the 3-way switch was DOA. After some online searching I ordered Iron Gear pickups, the Metal Machine (bridge) and Hot Slag (neck), a three way switch and a logarithmic pot for volume. Also replaced the nut with a Graphtec nut

In this setup it plays nice and sounds nice. Still, it's a 'show' guitar. It's the least used of them all, but I'm really surprised at how good it sounds and plays after these relatively cheap modifications.

Squier vintage modified2 2014

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Bought this after owning a Squier stratocaster in the early nineties, a Ibanez strat like guitar in 2009 and a real Fender American Standard strat also in 2009. I sold all of them because i just don't like a single coil pickup in the bridge position.

This time I told myself that as I was getting older I should aim a bit at blues, jazz and more classic tones. So I ordered a Squier vintage modified with Duncan designed single coil pickups.

Only after a short while I replaced the bridge pickup with a DiMarzio virtual solo wich is a single coil sized humbucker. Didn't like it.

So I ended up stripping all the electronics and putting a DiMarzio double whammy I bought used in a new pickguard. I also sanded the back of the neck so it's a smooth satin finish now instead of the stick glossy one.

Playability was the thing that drew me towards strats and now this one barks like a mad dog.

Jackson DK2

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Found this at a music store in Heerenveen, De Snaar. It was on sale so I got this japanese DK2 for half the original price. I kept is original. Nice guitar with a very playable neck and Seymour Duncan pickups.

LTD M330-R custom 2014

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I wanted a guitar with a floating trem. Finally decided on a LTD M330-R. It needed al lot of setup after unboxing. Nice player but I didn't like (again!) the active LTD pickups. So I put a DiMarzio Evo2 in the bridge position and some cheap GFS pickup in the neck position. Hardly use neck humbuckers so I needed something cheap to cover de pickup cavity. It didn't sound bad though...

After this I did some setup and started playing. The Floyd Rose special bridge seemed to have problems in holding the strings in place. One of the screws which hold the strings in place was stripped so I ordered another FR special. This one had the same problem although te screws where all fine.

After being sick of the thing for a while, I ordered a Gotoh floating trem which fits nicely, works great and seem to be reliable. The rise and fall of my history with Floyd Rose in a few sentences.